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Remember some of the great shows... Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Mister Roger's Neighborhood as you meet a Gen X/Millennial, born in Brooklyn NY and a proud production of hard working, back breaking immigrant Dominican parents who taps in to his passions and creates a show!

Ever visit a city and wonder what's it like to live in one of its neighborhoods? What is it to be from that neighborhood? Welcome to a place where conversation inspires a progress and growth that's authentic, human and vulnerable. It's education and well-being that's fun, memorable and useful in daily life and in being a part of your community at every level.

Break through typical news headlines of what is perceived to live in or be from an area by meeting the local notables, exploring life experiences through their eyes and uncover the great places to visit and live in every neighborhood. 

The show has an unscripted approach, with Anthony often offering candid and irreverent commentary. Peeling back our layers with his questions that reach core thoughts and feelings that create our own realities. Not afraid to challenge stereotypes to illustrate human commonalities or confront uncomfortable truths, with his willingness to embrace guests it makes for a compellingly relatable program.

The mission is to be a lasting testament to the power of a thoughtful and engaging media. Achieving this with a multi-faceted approach from live events and media to tech, to build a neighborhood full of neighborhoods.

About Anthony Fernandez

Educational & Influential Public Speaker, Producer and Host

A first generation bilingual American of Dominican parents, who is naturally curious about life and abundantly social-able. He is a community driven leader having served as a volunteer for over 9 years with the NYPD local civilian patrol, the Community Emergency Response Team and as delegate to his local church youth group. He has served as the VP in 2020 for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professional Queens Chapter, he is a team leader, investor, property manager, NYS licensed real estate instructor and an experienced sales manager for over 17 years. He has also been the provider of workplace education and experience for NYC high school internships and the NYC SYEP and Work and Grow program participants. This year, he is helping to create the Latino Business Network of NY, a place to share experiences of life, family, health and business that empowers the community. 

Over the past few years, the passionate kid with a VHS camcorder that was making home videos, MCing family parties has blossomed his value for community to create From The Neighborhood, where as the producer and host, he provides educational media and as an influential public speaker. It is an independently produced weekly show which airs Saturdays at 11am on and available on demand. 

He provides services as an Event Host & Consulting, Producer, Moderator, Public Speaking & Business Trainer, Certified NYS Real Estate Instructor, Digital Advertising Sales - Full resume on Linkedin

Served as Moderator, Host or Panel Speaker For:

NAHREP Long Island

Charter Real Estate School of NY

Community Management

People of Color Develop

Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Liga De Justicia Foundation

NY Metro Community Lending

HomeBridge Financial

Intercontinental Capital Group - The Own It Team

Latina Business Network of NY

Long Island Latino Teacher's Association

Alliance Group at eXp Realty


Coldwell Banker American Homes

NAHREP Puerto Rico

National Supermarket Association

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