A show on youtube ABOUT enjoyable days and places

You're Invited to be From The Neighborhood™

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Hey, I'm Anthony Fernandez!

Producer and Host of From The Neighborhood™

A big warm welcome and invite for you check out the growing connections on this site, the show episodes and the many more exciting things I'm working on for the neighborhoods of America.

The Why, Who, What, How and Where...

"Hey Anthony, you've got some 'splaining to do!" - in my Ricky Ricardo voice

Why I created From The Neighborhood™?

The role of a great real estate agent in your life and their impact on a community is immensely underrated and misunderstood. This show connects with exceptional real estate agents that are heartily invested in their neighborhoods to talk about the neighborhood so that together we can deliver to the world the enjoyable days and places that makes you want to be... From The Neighborhood™. Other professionals and companies are invited to support these agents and communities.

For over 15 years, I've been Anthony "From The Neighborhood" and literally having said this in nearly every salutation and introduction while operating my real estate practice. One day, it struck me while watching a children's show with my kids and asked myself "How can I serve a bigger purpose?"

Then I had an epiphany which was that everything happens in real estate and we are all great pieces of a picture that makes a neighborhood special. We all are From The Neighborhood™ at the center of this union are the everyday hardworking local real estate agents.

Who is Anthony Fernandez?

My parents are from the Dominican Republic and came to the United States as many do to seek a better future for the next generation. They are both dedicated in their roles as parents, smart & hard working. They are faithful and loyal to the American dream of home ownership and preach about how that dream builds communities becoming homeowners themselves.

Growing up in Brooklyn NYC, I was born into knowing the importance of connecting with the community and building relationships. I was raised to be confident and forthright. My parents instilled in me to always think broadly, like a business owner, even if I wasn't. They were always saying that this mindset would be the doorway toward a brighter future.

They taught me how to earn my place and I got my first job at age 10. Their core values have led me to hardly ever need a job application. I loved my start and experience in our family owned bodegas, I then started a computer repair and digital design business, worked in retail, arts and entertainment, information technology, as a property manager and then became a real estate broker over 15 years ago.

The one constant has been my love to create, contribute and perform. Since I loved to be the party planner, home video director, family photographer, DJ, and dancer at every family party. Everyday and in nearly every way it was showtime!

How is this made?

We partner with real estate agents and invite other professionals and companies to support these local agents that are connecting people and building communities everyday.

To date, I produce, direct and host nearly every production. Recently, a few good friends have step forward and contributed. Thank goodness! Our production has very little to zero to minimal scripting because being "at home" with yourself and others is authentic and natural. Why care about who's line is it anyway? Come as you are, I'll coach you. Remember, to love the way you are because everyone loves a real character.

I use the most common recording, sound and lighting gear (smart phones too!) and pride myself in being good at picking the right weather, timing and places. You can't make that up in any studio. It goes a long way in producing an authentic episode. I've found how to make it work since as a kid because every family party had no production budget and yet they would never trust anyone else with the VHS camcorder.

What is From The Neighborhood™?

It is not a real estate brokerage, a team or in any way involved in sale or rental of real estate. It's simply a show that I started on YouTube in late 2016 as an experiment to help a client.

It quickly became like conversation piece furniture in your living room that everyone wants to talk about. It's a show to get to know those people and places you are likely to cross on your way to work, hear about from a friend and yet know very little about.

The show is centered around the real estate agent who connecting with the people that are moving in and out in every neighborhood each day. I want to help you personally discover new places and even rediscover a new perspective of your daily world, to embrace the people and places in your neighborhood and grow by learning something from each episode.

Where is From The Neighborhood™ going?

Wherever there is a neighborhood...I'll be there; Seriously.

At this time, I'm connecting with many real estate practitioners across the country (Puerto Rico too!) and understanding their stories and learning about their neighborhoods. If you're an agent be sure to reach out. because I'll be seeing you...back in the neighborhood.