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From Undocumented to Doctor 

Many of us have memories of being a pre-teen as an exciting and pivotal time in our lives. We are at the brink of no longer being a child to now gaining the infamous suffix, you are a "teen". It is attached to our age and is with us as we go from junior school to high school. A time that is full of fun and discovery with memories of the prom, sports, a driver's license, a first job and maybe a few pimples as a garnish to a fantastic time where we roam free and break into the new leathers of life. Anthony sits with Dr. Harold Fernandez, who unlike the aforementioned cliche of becoming a teen, was met with breaking waves across ocean waters as he is being escorted by "coyotes" into the United States. With nothing more than the clothes on his back, memorialized phone numbers and addresses he makes it to America to reunite with his parents. Uncover his story of determination, the strong virtues of his family and his unwavering pursuit to become a doctor. It is a journey of the unlikely and illegal to the magna cum laude, a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Medical School that becomes not only a doctor, but also the Vice Chairman of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, a Professor and Author. 

Capturing the Right Moment 

As said by one of the great rap artist, NAS, in his song 27 Summers "Johnny Nunez got all the pictures" and there is over 300,000 thousand photos on Getty Images and counting. It's a conversation with the man behind the wonderful candid photos of over 25 years of hip hop. His story is a remarkable sharing of his parents teachings to raise a person of integrity in a business that is not seen this way. Being a "paparazzi" does not equate to being welcomed. However, Johnny Nunez is beloved by the likes of Jay-Z, Russel Simmons, Magic Johnson, Michelle Obama, Swiss Beatz, Diddy, Busta, Rihanna, Drake, Fat Joe, Ice T and many many more! He is welcomed by all like family. Learn how the simple things of having gratitude, respect, and attention are priceless attributes and gifts we can provide to every person around us even if it appears that they already have it all. 

Music Makes Love 

Meet the fun, exemplary and entertaining couple that is climbing the ranks and charts one of the most popular genres in Latin music, Dominican Republic's own, Bachata! Anthony interviews Liza and Willie. Two kids from Queens (Corona and Jackson Heights) with a strong friendship, that becomes a high school love and on to being a family. Throughout their story; Liza on Kareoke as a child, to her appearances on Sabado Gigante and Willie playing baseball to performing his dance moves, they come together. Hear the music that brought them together to listen from Ana Gabriel, Selena, Mariah Carey to Antony Santos, Raulin Rodgriuez to play together, and the ironic twists that brought them to perform and be the music duo that has people talking and dancing their own love expression.