The First Lap

This is the first day on the job...

Not exactly. If you read the first post, I accepted the journey a long time ago. Being a kid that enjoys being on both sides of the camera means that I came with experience. Besides it's always been hard for me to say "no" to work. We sort of have a relationship.  

So if it's going to be making videos what am I supposed to do with it? Make a library!? It's not like we're running around with VHS tapes (you can still get them on Amazon and don't forget the VCR) and we're definitely not getting together like we used to any more. Then it struck me and the idea pops into my head to start a YouTube channel.  

How is this going to happen? What I am I supposed to do with a YouTube acccount anyhow? Who really cares about what recording?
- My 2016 inner voice 

Probably the worst way to start a new journey is with bad questions, especially if you are talking to yourself because you may talk yourself out of an opportunity. These and many more were the exact questions that ran thru my mind and had me stop before I started. 

My life has been about doing what's right and simply working hard each day so that things always move forward. Truthfully, its a great way to live, though not fulfilling at least not for a kid that enjoys sharing a good story. Back down memory lane and to all the things that move you into living your life. It's like Hector's journey in the book Hector and the Search for Happiness which became a major motion picture starring Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Toni Collette, and Christopher Plummer. 

So here we go  !

Whoa!!...that was a trip down memory lane. It was 2016 and on an impulse I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone and started recording. I was so excited and drove home to start editing. I searched for apps and honestly cannot remember what combination of crazy happened with this one, but I had my first video!

You can't say NO and really mean it if you have not gone pass GO
- My 2016 inner voice 

There is so much that life has to offer if you give it a try and its either going to come to you or wait for you; Either way your attention must be there. As with everything, it starts with a first step and continues with the second. 

Stay tuned and I'll see you on the next blog. 

The Pivot and Start

From The Neighborhood is a bigger conversation

Imagine this...we start a brand new decade and all the excitement of what's to come is building up inside you. It feels as if this will be your ultimate lift-off. The New Year's resolutions that you made this year really matter. You still have memories and haven't finished seeing all the wacky photos of you in your New Year's hat, blowing the horns, ringing bells and pulling your best dance moves.

I have my EYE on the PRIZE and it as clear as 20/20 
-My words as we start the year that obviously coincides with clear vision...and yet I wear glasses (lol)

I'm sure that I wasn't the only one. Who didn't have major aspirations for this coming year and decade. A pandemic was the last thing on anyone's mind. Yet here it is.

So we start the new year and we all excited. Just about a month in to it and we are brought to a numbness. It was like a wild feeling of jet lag. You're happy to have arrived safe and anxious to get things moving, but your brain feels like pudding. Should you run for toilet paper? Crates of bottles of hand sanitizer? Boxes of face masks? 

For the first time in my entire working life, I applied for unemployment when the CARES Act and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) was passed. I did not like this at all. That may sound wild, so let me rewind a bit here. I have never done this in 28 years. I started working when I was 10 years old and was paid by tips at a supermarket. I was also working at my dad's bodega in East New York. Bottom line; My parents were very  good at teaching me gratitude and showing how to love work. 

I love being of service and owning my fate. Good work or bad work it always had a lesson to teach and now I was missing out and so were the many people I served. Sure there were plenty of things to do so I got right on it.  On to being the best leader I can be, guiding tenants and landlords to make things work, being resourceful and devouring the news and websites to find assistance for those in need and of course producing videos all the while staying in place and staying safe. 

One of the Videos Made While At Home 

One day while feeling burnt out and reflecting on life which based on the news, was in more jeopardy with every passing minute. I had an idea. 

What if everyone can be a part of the neighborhood?
- My epiphany while watching TV

And there's the spark that got it started. I find my voice. Actually I simply heard my inner voice. The little kid that was making home movies and recording every family party was talking to me. What he had to say and the joy that it brings and allows me to share is amazing and best said in my next blog post. 

The lesson I learned was that you never actually grow out of what brings joy as a kid. You may get side tracked, pre-occupied or distracted for a little while (that can be days, months, or years), but once you find a the ways how to deliver this as a solution the kid can come out to play.

I also got the chance to read a great book on creating a million - by having the right mind; The Millionaire Mind.

Stay tuned and I'll see you on the next blog. 

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The Pivot and Start
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